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Donate / Unfunded Projects

The Julian Jaynes Society is supported by book and article sales, memberships, and donations from individuals that share the goals of the Society, such as:

  • exploring and promoting the important theories of Julian Jaynes;
  • furthering our understanding of the mind and its development in history;
  • destigmatizing auditory hallucinations by elucidating their role in human history.

We work to achieve these goals through:

  • book, article, and newsletter publishing (both print and electronic);
  • maintaining the Julian Jaynes Society Member's Area;
  • organizing, promoting, and filming speaker sessions and workshops at related conferences.

If you would like to help us advance our research and educational activities, we invite you to make a secure donation by clicking on the Donate button below. Donations of any size are sincerely appreciated.

We are currently seeking funding for the production of a documentary on Jaynes's theory.
This documentary will include interviews with experts on Jaynes's theory and never before seen footage of Julian Jaynes.

Documentary Project Funding Status
$0 $5,000

We have currently received $715 of our $5,000 goal.

Please note that the Julian Jaynes Society does not have non-profit status and donations are not tax deductible.

Unfunded Projects

Project 1: Alternative Therapies for Auditory Hallucinations
Based on Jaynes's theory as well as other sources, we have developed specific hypotheses regarding alternative, non-pharmaceutical treatments for auditory hallucinations. We believe this project has the potential to make a major impact in the lives of people suffering from persistent auditory hallucinations.
Estimated Budget Requirement: $15,000

Project 2: On-Site Anthropological Research on Bicameral Vestiges in Recently Contacted Pre-Literate Tribes
One of the neglected areas of Jaynes's theory is the exploration of vestiges of bicamerality in recently contacted pre-literate tribes. Unfortunately the few people studying these groups are unacquainted with Jaynes's theory and are not exploring these questions. Time is rapidly running out to study this important area of Jaynes theory. The outcomes of this project would be a book and documentary.
Estimated Budget Requirement: $27,000

Please contact us if you are interested in discussing funding one of these projects, or are skilled in grant writing or fundraising.