Introduction by Marcel Kuijsten

  1. Gods, Voices, and the Bicameral Mind: The Theories of Julian Jaynes
    Charles Hampden-Turner
  2. Reflections on Julian Jaynes's The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind
    James E. Morriss
  3. Elephants in the Psychology Department: Overcoming Intellectual Barriers to Understanding Julian Jaynes's Theory
    Brian J. McVeigh
  4. Voices Become Gods
    Bill Rowe
  5. The Ancient Dark Age
    Bill Rowe
  6. The Interpretation of Dreams, The Origin of Consciousness, and the Birth of Tragedy
    Robert Atwan
  7. Evolution and Inspiration
    Judith Weissman
  8. Romanticism, Bicamerality, and the Evolution of the Brain
    Edward Proffitt
  9. On Listening to Voices
    John Sappington and John Hamilton
  10. A Schizophrenic Woman Who Heard Voices of the Gods
    Russell T. Hurlburt
  11. Two Origins of Consciousness
    Bill Rowe
  12. The Origin of Consciousness, Gains and Losses: Walker Percy vs. Julian Jaynes
    Laura Mooneyham White
  13. Echoes of the Gods: Towards a Jaynesian Understanding of Rhetoric
    Ted Remington
  14. Souls, Gods, Kings, and Mountains: Julian Jaynes's Theory of the Bicameral Mind in Tibet, Part One
    Todd Gibson
  15. Listening for Ancient Voices: Julian Jaynes's Theory of the Bicameral Mind in Tibet, Part Two
    Todd Gibson
  16. Vico and Jaynes: Neurocultural and Cognitive Operations in the Origin of Consciousness
    Robert E. Haskell