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Author:  JSJohnson [ Sun Apr 06, 2014 9:26 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Jaynes - Newly Emerging Insights

Highly recommended for those truly concerned about the future of civilization, the deepest current ongoing analysis and constructive commentary that I know of is available via subscription to: "The Institute of Science in Society" a quarterly publication accessible at http//www.i-sis.org.uk/

J. S. Johnson

Author:  JSJohnson [ Thu Sep 18, 2014 9:22 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Jaynes - Newly Emerging Insights

Today our best science is asserting a fact that will ever stand in the history of our species as the moment of the beginning of our final transformation out of the jungle of our early evolution and into species maturity. What we are speaking of is the new understanding by our Science of the creation of our universe out of nothing; out of No Thing!
This most astonishing event is announced in the April 2014 issue of Scientific American Magazine as our "Cosmic Dawn," emergent in the Big Bang (BB) of Creation.
Many will infer that Science is implying the concept of "miracle," but this is not so. What we find in science is that the same hierarchic path of reductionism that connects social sciences, psychology, biology, chemistry, and physics does not end at the emergent objective aspects of physics. Instead, the Natural Laws of physics reduce further, but transform into the deeper subjective qualities of Natural Order. The language for this transformation is as follows:
"The expression of every one of the four forces of nature; the strong force, the weak force, gravity, and electromagnetism is guided by the quality of symmetry."
. . . and how could it be otherwise, given that prior to their emergence there were no objective properties to give "direction" any objective meaning? But what we are talking about here is the transition point between the emergent objective and the fundamental subjective guiding origin, and the key is in the dual meaning of symmetry:
And what is symmetry but a major particular of the entire realm of Aesthetics; qualities that stimulate our deepest sense of beauty and love, and so guide our most humane and constructive choices!
And what is The Golden Rule but the epitome of symmetry? And what could have greater relevance to Psychology, Sociology, the analysis of the history of our species, and the constructive way forward for our final path out of our jungle and into a true and just civilization? It is all there; the integral structure of the whole and its meaningful purpose. . .
What is implied here is that the most evolved species on our planet are potentially the essential integral creative agents of the fundamental cosmic creativity, or "Creator" for short. In other words, the evolution of all life in the universe will be somewhere along the same path. Indeed, the existence of UFOs would seem to affirm two things:
Not only that we are "the new kids on the block," but we still have one foot in the jungle, inasmuch as the greed of jungle Materialism is growing ever more destructive of not only to our environment, but its greed is destroying the Democracy that began with the recent emergence and spread of the saving concept of The Golden Rule -- what is now long forgotten in the jungle greed of materialism.
As a result, the absolutely worst thing that materialistic greed could do to humanity is actually now in process. It is called Genetic Modification of Organisms (GMOs). Seeding for world agriculture is being genetically modified with special qualities that will allow them to be patented so as to control the huge market of the world's food supply.
Consider this: The reason -- and the only reason -- that our species has evolved into what we are today is because, and only because, all species on planet Earth have evolved, co-evolved, and been naturally selected since the beginnings of life here. Yes there remain a few diseases, but this is to be expected. Now consider what will happen to us and our children when all the new unnatural genetic information that is spread by GMOs throughout the world's biosphere begins to totally upset the harmony that made us what we are. Countless new diseases, totally unpredictable. Earth will never again feel like home to our species. . . And all for the jungle greed of commercial profit.
The materialists will argue that they know what they are doing; that Science proves that Materialism is fundamental -- while just the opposite is the case, as BB theory of Science now proves beyond any shadow of doubt.
And here is the reason for the confusion on the issue. Before BB theory, the popular view about science is that science was essentially complete, and, as an excuse for our growing industrial greed and -, it was believed by most that it supported Materialism.
Not only does BB theory totally defeat that argument, but it highlights the fact that material science is not complete and cannot be complete for three reasons.
First, Natural Law is not fundamental. As above, it is an integral emergent utilitarian expression of Natural Order.
Second, its research in the objective realm remains stalled, incomplete, bound up in what they call "string theory" in a seventeen mile tunnel under the Swiss Border, awaiting upgrades to its research equipment to explore higher energy levels.
Third, because of the higher energy levels implied by deepest BB structuring, we will never wholly objectify the transition from subjective into objective. We know the objective expression of the four emergent forces which are sufficient for any objective purpose. But doubtless what we might call "higher structuring" takes place at higher energies that will never be achievable in any laboratory, but they will surely entail qualities that will be increasingly difficult to define in any purely objective terms until all that remains is a concept of "conscious will, intent, creative purpose", etc. which our more-evolved neural systems have already intuited, as above, as the direction of symmetry; i.e. The Golden Rule.
Get with it guys and gals, if you wish to find your way out of the jungle into true Civilization. . . Right now animal greed is on the way to returning our species to swinging in the trees.

J. S. Johnson

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