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Julian Jaynes Society Publications


Julian Jaynes Collection

The Julian Jaynes Collection
Edited by Marcel Kuijsten
Julian Jaynes Society, 2012
Princeton University psychologist Julian Jaynes's revolutionary theory on the origin of consciousness or the "modern mind" remains as relevant and thought-provoking as when it was first proposed. Supported by recent discoveries in neuroscience, Jaynes's ideas force us to rethink conventional views of human history and psychology, and have profound implications for many aspects of modern life. Included in this volume are rare and never before seen articles, lectures, interviews, and in-depth discussions that both clear up misconceptions as well as extend Jaynes's theory into new areas such as the nature of the self, dreams, emotions, art, music, therapy, and the consequences and future of consciousness.

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Reflections on the Dawn of Consciousness: Julian Jaynes's Bicameral Mind Theory Revisited

Reflections on the Dawn of Consciousness
Julian Jaynes's Bicameral Mind Theory Revisited

Edited by Marcel Kuijsten
Julian Jaynes Society, 2007
"I have rarely read a manuscript that so eloquently and elegantly examines a complex and pervasive phenomenon. The contributors of this volume have integrated the concepts of psychology, anthropology, archaeology, theology, philosophy, the history of science, and modern neuroscience with such clarity it should be considered an essential text for any student of human experience." from the Foreword by Dr. Michael A. Persinger, Professor of Behavioral Neuroscience, Laurentian University

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The Minds of the Bible

Updated and Revised!
The Minds of the Bible:
Speculations on the Cultural Evolution of Human Consciousness
(Revised Version)

Rabbi James Cohn
Human culture raises children, and thus creates adults, who understand their mental life who understand what's happening within their minds in a particular way. Before the development of written language, human beings were acculturated to understand their mental life in terms of automatic (some might say "robotic" or "zombie-like") responses to auditory hallucinations which they identified as the external voice of God...

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Elephants in the Psychology Department

Elephants in the Psychology Department:
Overcoming Intellectual Barriers to Understanding Julian Jaynes's Theory

Brian J. McVeigh, Ph.D.
In The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind (1976) Julian Jaynes presents a number of startling and controversial claims about the nature of psyche, specifically consciousness. His conclusions may ultimately be proven incorrect, partially correct, or entirely correct. However, before we can ...

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