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   The Julian Jaynes Collection
   Reflections on the Dawn of Consciousness
   The Minds of the Bible
   Abstracts from the 2013 Julian Jaynes Society Conference on Consciousness and Bicameral Studies

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About the Theory
   Quotes & Reviews
   Academic & Scholarly Interest in Julian Jaynes's Theory
   Myths vs. Facts About Julian Jaynes's Theory
   Critiques & Responses
   Ten Questions Critics Fail to Answer
   Julian Jaynes Answers 100 Questions about the Theory
   Summary of Evidence

About Julian Jaynes

About the Society
   Publishing Division

Articles by Julian Jaynes

Articles Related to Julian Jaynes's Bicameral Mind Theory
   Articles Directly Related to Julian Jaynes's Bicameral Mind Theory
   Articles Referencing/Related to Jaynes's Bicameral Mind Theory
   Book Reviews
   Command Hallucinations
   Auditory Verbal and Visual Hallucinations in Normal (Non-Psychotic) Adults
   Hallucinations in Normal Children (Imaginary Companions)
   Neuroimaging of Auditory Hallucinations / Hallucinations and the Right Temporal Lobe
   Right Hemisphere: Language Comprehension & Related Topics
   Studies of the Iliad and the Odyssey

Books Related to Jaynes's Bicameral Mind Theory
   The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind

   Top 4 Related Books/Recommended Reading

   Homer's Iliad (complete translation with cited passages highlighted)
   Homer's Odyssey (complete translation)

   Consciousness & Language
   Auditory Hallucinations in Adults
   The Early Greeks / Analysis of Homeric Literature
   Neuroscience, Brain Hemisphere Differences & Dual Brain Theory
   Ancient Civilizations
   The Old Testament
   Pre-Modern and Pre-Literate Societies
   Hypnosis: History, Theory, and Practice
   Prophecy, Divination, Possession, and Trance States
   Consciousness and Hallucinations in Children

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