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Watch previews of recent interviews on Julian Jaynes’s theory. The Julian Jaynes Society Interview Series explores a wide-range of topics related to Julian Jaynes’s theory with experts from a variety of different backgrounds. Check the Events section to participate in upcoming interviews.

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Brian J. McVeigh
“Evidence for the Bicameral Mind in the Old Testament”
Includes discussion of why the Bible is an important document to test Jaynes’s theory, methodological challenges, the “Bicameral Civilizational Inventory Hypothesis,” the role of music in the Old Testament, the use of idols by the ancient Israelites, the role of writing, the emergence of angels and demons, the role of prophesy, the changing definitions of Yahweh, Biblical linguistic analysis, how the personage of Jesus factors in changes in ancient mentality, vestiges of the bicameral mind in the New Testament, and more.
Boban Dedović
“The Evolution of Mind Words in the Iliad and the Odyssey”
The interview includes discussion of the authorship and dating of the Iliad and Odyssey; later additions to the Iliad; an explanation of Jaynes’s preconscious hypostases and how they relate to dating the development of consciousness; the acknowledgement of Jaynes’s work in this area by other scholars; the research methods, results, and conclusions of Boban’s linguistic analysis of the Iliad and the Odyssey; and much more.

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