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Publishing Division

In 2005, the Julian Jaynes Society started its publishing division. The Julian Jaynes Society published Reflections on the Dawn of Consciousness: Julian Jaynes's Bicameral Mind Theory Revisited in 2007, The Julian Jaynes Collection in 2012, The Minds of the Bible: Speculations on the Cultural Evolution of Human Consciousness in 2013, and Gods, Voices, and the Bicameral Mind: The Theories of Julian Jaynes in 2016.

We are currently soliciting manuscripts from other authors who have written on a topic related to Julian Jaynes's theory of consciousness and the bicameral mind, and are interested in publishing with the Julian Jaynes Society.

We are also interested in relevant essays and articles for e-books and compilations.

Please send inquiries, including a short description of your project, to:

If you are writing a book or article that will be published by another publisher, we are also happy to review your draft for accuracy prior to its publication.

Why publish with the Julian Jaynes Society?

There are many reasons one might choose to publish their book with the Julian Jaynes Society over a larger publisher. These include:

  1. Shorter time to market. Because we plan to publish far fewer books per year than other publishers, your book will be our primary focus. As a result, your book will be produced and on the market in less than half the time of a typical publisher.
  2. Your book will remain in print. The Julian Jaynes Society recognizes your book may be a slow but steady seller, and will keep your book in print indefinitely. A traditional publisher might let a book that doesn't sell a large amount of copies go out of print after a few years.
  3. Higher royalties. The Julian Jaynes Society typically pays authors a higher royalty rate than most publishers. In addition, you won't lose money to an agent, which is usually required to shop your book to mainstream non-academic publishers.
  4. More individual attention to your book. Because we are just as interested in the subject matter of your book as you are, you know it will get the attention to detail that it deserves.
  5. Online and in-store distribution. Your book will immediately be available online through outlets such as, Barnes and, and the Julian Jaynes Society website. Your book will also be evaluated for in-store placement by buyers for book retailers such as Barnes and Noble. In addition, the Julian Jaynes Society will market your book on the Julian Jaynes Society website, in the Julian Jaynes Society newsletter, and to our extensive mailing list of people interested in the topic.

Sample Topics of Interest

The following is just a brief list of possible topics for sake of example. We are open to looking at any topic that is directly related to consciousness or some aspect of Jaynes's theory. What we are not interested in are books dealing primarily with unrelated topics that briefly mention Jaynes's theory.

  1. A discussion of ancient Egyptian culture and religion from the bicameral mind perspective.
  2. Hypnosis, spirit possession, trance states, and the bicameral mind.
  3. A literary analysis of ancient texts from different cultures viewed from the perspective of the bicameral mind.
  4. The role of language and metaphor in consciousness.
  5. Evidence for schizophrenia as a vestige of the bicameral mind.
  6. Evidence for the bicameral mentality in primitive societies.
  7. Hallucinations and the new neurological evidence for the bicameral mind.
  8. Religious prophets and the bicameral mind.
  9. Archaeological aspects of Jaynes's theory