The Prophet Mohammed, Islam, and the Bicameral Mind

Discussion of the implications of the bicameral mind theory for religion. Also neurotheology and the origin of religion.
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The Prophet Mohammed, Islam, and the Bicameral Mind

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This is a very interesting article on Mohammed's trance states (reminiscent of the Oracle at Delphi) and auditory/visual hallucinations:

Wahi: the Supernatural Basis of Islam

It raises the possibility that Islam was founded on the auditory hallucinations of Mohammed, who for psychological or perhaps neuropathological reasons experienced a partial relapse to the bicameral mind.
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Very interesting article. I particularly like chapter 3, the Hindu-Buddhist interpretation.
The specifically Hindu contribution to our understanding of the Quranic revelation is to bring in the yogic experience. As an example of how yogic practice can go wrong, warning against the dangers of experimenting with yoga without competent guidance, Vivekananda mentioned Mohammed: "The yogi says there is a great danger in stumbling upon this state. In a good many cases, there is the danger of the brain being deranged, and, as a rule, you will find that all those men, however great they were, who had stumbled upon this superconscious state without understanding it, groped in the dark...

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Re: The Prophet Mohammed, Islam, and the Bicameral Mind

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One of the major issues we are all facing is how to relate to others who commit extreme violent behaviour and also continually state they are obeying a god.

Jaynes has got some fascinating insights into religious behaviours that are very important.

For example, might the rituals of Islam, like the bowing, reinforce right brain activity? Are the calls to prayer hexamic?

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