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Re: Ch. 3 - Verbal Hallucinations and Preconscious Mentality

Posted: Wed Dec 23, 2009 1:20 pm
by oldhead
My mother was diagnosed with schizophrenia in her forties spending many years in and out of mentalhomes.
I have suffered mental troubles sll my life but was not incapacited until twenty five where I had trouble with my bodily funtions stuttering double vision I heard voices I understood them as I heard them but could not recall them afterwards
Like some dreams,never diagnosed with schizophrenia,mental breakdown early in life acute anxiety,in my later life.
But unlike my mother I knew there was something wrong with me not my suroundings.
Carl Jungs view seemed to give me some balance,but have daily struggles.keeping balanced I need to keep my mind occupied it gives the boost I seem to keep me some what stable Julian Jaynes is not therapeutic in the Jungain sense just interesting.