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Discussion of the influence of Jaynes's theory on works of fiction, film, and in popular culture.
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Julian Jaynes X SciFi

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I have been greatly influenced by Julian Jaynes. His theory focuses on a catalytic moment in human evolution. It is with his insight that we curiously look at our own era in wonder at what drastic changes might lie ahead, or, more interestingly, those which are already in progress.

That being said, I would like to present to the Julian Jaynes Society a book.

I will not take credit for it in the way that Hammurabi does not himself take credit for his own code. The ideas presented herein have been highly inspired by the bicameral mind and I hope they can in turn continue to inspire.

Mass Transference Device

(For those who enjoy the old-world style of analog-reading, I'd be happy to send you a hardcopy.)

retro-bicameral-esque excerpt:
They moved in clumsy groups of threes and fours, shifting back and forth along their path fleeing the high-concentration transition point. Lacking clear vision, they wobbled in their attempts at forward motion. Lacking the full recognition of their native existence, they were rendered incapable of making their own decisions, forgetting and remembering literally which way they were going. Their only advantage was in their numbers. Even small numbers of extricates could synthesize a basic cognition support network. The outer fringe, as he had now learned, was full of such partially configured quasi-humans, fumbling together towards a meager, mutant existence.
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