Jaynes in Bowie’s Top 100

Discussion of the influence of Jaynes's theory on works of fiction, film, and in popular culture.
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Jaynes in Bowie’s Top 100

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In the list of David Bowie’s favorite books we find Jaynes. Good guy. Maybe I should give his new record another chance.

http://www.openbooktoronto.com/news/spe ... read_bowie
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Re: Jaynes in Bowie’s Top 100

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Yes I heard he had some voice hearing experiences?

Other musicians/actors/authors with an interest in Jaynes include Prince, Sean Penn, and Philip K. Dick.
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Re: Jaynes in Bowie’s Top 100

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Bowie is definitely one of the more serious and well read musicians alive today. Not to mention intelligent. Nice to see his interest in Jaynes.
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