"Me" as a metaphor

Discussion of Julian Jaynes's first hypothesis - that consciousness (as he carefully defines it) is based on language, and related topics.
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"Me" as a metaphor

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If a metaphor is the act of giving a new meaning to a word formally used to mean something else, then did the word "me" at one time mean "body?" What word or meaning was used in a new metaphorical sense to create "me" as we now understand it? And what was the second word or meaning that it was combined with to come up with a third meaning "me?"

I could not find an example of a metaphor that was an entirely new word.

Thank you for your help.

Jim Adrian
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Re: "Me" as a metaphor

Post by jpritikin »

> did the word "me" at one time mean "body?"

Yeah, that seems plausible to me. I'm not sure about the rest of your post.
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