Secrets of the Dead / Sinking of Atlantis

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Secrets of the Dead / Sinking of Atlantis

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:idea: I stayed up late last night studying,and I thought everyone should see these three interesting videos from PBS.

1) Secrets Of The Dead/Sinking Atlantis ... transcript

2) Secrets Of The Dead/The Fall Of The Minoans/PBS ... he-minoans

3) Secrets Of The Dead/Sinking Atlantis chapter 2/PBS ... -chapter-2

*Must See Sinking Atlantis Chapters 1, 2, 3.

After watching all three video chapters, I believe you will be prepared for the worse; and it could happen in the year 2012;
according to the Mayan Calender.

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Well, personally I think all the 2012 people are in for a big disappointment... : )

I did like the documentary on The Fall of The Minoans and have it linked on the Self Study Course. I'll have to take a look at the other two.

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