New Article Challenges Static Bio Model of Language

Recent news relevant to Julian Jaynes's theory of consciousness and the bicameral mind.
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New Article Challenges Static Bio Model of Language

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A new article available through PubMed, Universal Grammar and Biological Variation: An EvoDevo Agenda for Comparative Biolinguistics by Benítez-Burraco & Boeckx C, asserts that the current Chomskian paradigm of Universal Grammar and, by implication, a relatively static and fixed neurological underpinning of language, has been undermined by recent discoveries relating to the a much more plastic and cross modal structure of language faculties in the brain.

They assert "In a real sense it is the complex and changing interaction between the organism and its environment that shapes the final cognitive architecture of the brain [particularly in relationship to language]." To my mind anyway, if this is true it suggests a relationship of neuro-biology to language that is much more consistent with the kind of rapid and environmentally driven changes Jaynes suggests happened in humans than a Chomskian Universal Grammar understanding would support.

The article can be found at
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Re: New Article Challenges Static Bio Model of Language

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Thanks for sharing this interesting article Andrew. Those interested in this debate should also read this related thread: ... f=13&t=511
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