Blog Claims JJ is "All Mixed Up"

Recent news relevant to Julian Jaynes's theory of consciousness and the bicameral mind.
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Blog Claims JJ is "All Mixed Up"

Post by andrewblase »

Cris Campbell on his blog Genealogy of Religion has a post explaining why JJ was "all mixed up". Includes 40+ responses. My responses are under the name Psycholution.

Oh...I almost forgot, he also called the JJS a cult. :)
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Re: Blog Claims JJ is "All Mixed Up"

Post by DanBlocker »

Thank you, for bringing this to my (our) attention. It is a pity that there seem to be no real arguments in this blog, though. Your reply is very considerate.

As to JJS being called a "cult" — there are worse things.
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Re: Blog Claims JJ is "all mixed up"

Post by Moderator »

Yes thank you for posting this, as well as your thoughtful comments on the blog. Thanks also to the person who posted the additional comments.

This type of activity is very helpful and greatly appreciated. Clearly up these types of misconceptions and distortions of the theory whenever they occur is a very important activity as, unless countered, they are often taken as accurate by those unfamiliar with Jaynes.
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Re: Blog Claims JJ is "All Mixed Up"

Post by benjamindavidsteele »

I extensively commented on that blog post. The blogger never gave much of a response to anything.

Since then, he has taken down every single post he ever wrote about Jaynes. I don't know if that is his way of admitting that he had been wrong and careless or simply an act that he no longer wanted to discuss it.

All that is left of that debate are two posts elsewhere in response, one from my blog and another from someone else:

https://benjamindavidsteele.wordpress.c ... nd-beyond/ ... ed-up.html
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Re: Blog Claims JJ is "All Mixed Up"

Post by Gororules »

As an unrelated blogger myself, yes, when I take down a post it is because my opinion had changed due to new info.
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