Can Anyone Be Hyponotized?

Discussion of Julian Jaynes's second hypothesis - the bicameral mind, specifically the subtopic of hypnosis, trance states, and possession as vestiges of the bicameral mind.
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Can Anyone Be Hyponotized?

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Is it possible to hyponotize anyone or does it just depend on the person?
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The subject of susceptibility to hypnosis has been studied extensively. I think the general consenus is there is a wide range in hypnotic ability that varies from individual to individual — from those that can barely obtain a light trance (if any) to those able to experience deep trance (approx. 10% of the population).

It's well established that very young children, schizophrenics, and the mentally retarded cannot be hypnotized.

There have been attempts at correlating hypnotic susceptiblity to various personality factors, etc. but I'm not up on the status of that research. My experience is that people that are better able to relax in general (or those who meditate, etc.) are better at hypnosis, though others can improve with practice.

I seem to recall higher intelligence and better imagination both being correlated with the ability to achieve hypnosis.

The times I have experimented with it I've been quite amazed by the results when working with a highly hypnotizable person.
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