Is NLP Technique Related to Jaynes?

Discussion of Julian Jaynes's second hypothesis - the bicameral mind, specifically the subtopic of hypnosis, trance states, and possession as vestiges of the bicameral mind.
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Is NLP Technique Related to Jaynes?

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I found this post interesting: derren brown and how he does what he does.

The way the normal concious response was interrupted by the 'confusing' wording, and then the woman unconsciously looked around for instructions or permission to start moving again.
I'm not all that familiar with the ideas or techniques behind NLP, but it seems like it shares a lot of parallels with Jaynes theory.

A recent news story over here involves an 11 year old boy managing to board an plane to Rome from Manchester airport without having a ticket, boarding pass, or passport. Several people, both in security and at the gate must have somehow not noticed him, been distracted, or assumed he was with another group or something and just let him pass without checking. Make you wonder how many jobs people end up doing on automatic pilot.
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Re: Is NLP Technique Related to Jaynes?

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One aspect of NLP is the visualization exercises, which could definitely be viewed as expanding the role of consciousness over unconscious behaviors, phobias, etc. The issue of distracting or guiding the attention of others, also done by magicians, is also interesting.
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