Discussion of Julian Jaynes's second hypothesis - the bicameral mind, specifically the subtopic of hypnosis, trance states, and possession as vestiges of the bicameral mind.
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On page 324 of the book by Julian Jaynes, there is a discussion about the consciousness training of oracles:

The collective cognitive imperative, or belief system, a culturally agreed-on expectancy or prescription which defines the particular form of a phenomenon and the roles to be acted out within that form;

an induction or formally ritualized procedure whose function is the narrowing of consciousness by focusing attention on a small range of preoccupations;

the trance itself, a response to both the preceding, character- ized by a lessening of consciousness or its loss, the diminishing of the analog or its loss, resulting in a role that is accepted, tolerated, or encouraged by the group; and

the archaic authorization to which the trance is directed or re- lated to, usually a god, but sometimes a person who is accepted by the individual and his culture as an authority over the indi- vidual, and who by the collective cognitive imperative is pre- scribed to be responsible for controlling the trance state.

People can hear music in their head. Not many can adjust the perceived loudness, but they can learn to do so.

Bethoven was very good at this. He wrote Messa Solemnis while deaf.

I would like to know more about the induction procedures.

I can best hear multi-voice music at will in my head when I first wake up from sleeping. I would like the ability to become more reliable.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your help.

Jim Adrian
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Re: Induction

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Hi Jim, I would recommend picking up some books on clinical hypnosis -- there you can learn more about the various induction methods. You can also find many hypnotic inductions for free online... they vary widely and you can experiment with the different types and see what you think works best for you. There are also many books on self-hypnosis, as well as scripts online and even YouTube videos. I hope that helps.
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