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Julian Jaynes and Dr. David Loye

Posted: Fri Mar 20, 2009 8:51 am
by Ferryman
I am a writer based in the UK. My two books have been heavily influenced by Julian Jayne's theory of Bicameralism. I joined this forum a year or so ago but because of demands upon me with regards to my own forum ( I haver not had the chance to visit this one as often as I would like.

The reason I am making this posting is that I was recently delighted to discover that my own work is being likened to JJ by somebody who actually knew Jaynes at Princeton.

I contacted Dr. David Loye ( after reading his wonderful book "An Arrow Through Chaos". In this book Dr. Loye suggests how it may be that we can, under certain circumstances, perceive the future. In my books I present a neurological model suggesting something very similar. I was keen to have David's opinion on my work so I had my publisher send him a copy of my latest book.

After reading it David came back to me saying that my book was both outstanding and extremely important and he volunteered to assist in any way he could to get my theories better known. It was then that he gave me the ultimate honour by suggesting that my "Daemon Eidolon Dyad" was as powerful a concept as Julian Jaynes' "Bicameral Mind".

and David Loye should know ... he told me that he was the very first person to read JJ's original manuscript when they were both teaching at Princeton. It was David who strongly suggested to Julian that he must get his theory published. Indeed David assisted his friend in this endeavour.

It was simply wonderful for me to receive such an anecdote regarding one of my all-time intellectual heroes, and for my work to be likened in any way to such an iconic figure was an honour indeed.

I have informed Dr. Loye about this FORUM and I am hopeful that he will maybe contribute more insights into the early days of Julian's amazing theory.

Re: Julian Jaynes and Dr. David Loye

Posted: Mon Apr 06, 2009 5:39 am
by Ferryman
For the month of April I am "Author of the Month" on the very popular Graham Hancock website. Attached to this is an exclusive section discussing the AoM and his work. Julian Jaynes has been mentioned a few times now and it would be wonderful if some members of the Julian Jaynes Forum or Julian Jaynes Society joined with me on there discussing the work of this great man.

The link is

It would be great to have your opinions and expose more people to JJ's theory of consciousness.