"Egyptian Religion" by Siegfried Morenz

Discussion of Julian Jaynes's third hypothesis - dating the development of consciousness to roughly 1500-1200 BCD in Egypt, Greece, and Mesopotamia (the transition occurred at different times in different places around the world). Includes analysis of ancient texts (such as the Iliad, the Odyssey, and the Bible), linguistics, and archeological evidence from ancient civilizations as it pertains to the transition from the bicameral mind to consciousness.
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"Egyptian Religion" by Siegfried Morenz

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Egyptian Religion by Siegfried Morenz (1973) describes how ancient Egyptians experienced "divine commandments" of the gods that bear a striking similarity to descriptions of the bicameral mind by Jaynes.

He writes, "...subject to such divine commands are the living...who are ordered by the earth-god Geb to provide food for the dead."

"...Even at the close of Egyptian history the idea is still alive that the deity disposes of beings who are in his service and act 'as he had commanded them to do.'" (p. 60)

"...This also throws light on the dual nature of the king: he is god, but simultaneously the obediant servant ('the son') of the national god, whose commands he carries out as his official duty."

"...In this way divine commandments regulate both secular and sacred matters, as the occasion demands." (p. 61)

"...As far as the heart is concerned, in which men's decisions are brought into maturity, [the gods] seem to offer guidance at moments either of complete confusion or of deepest insight." (p. 63) [note here 'the heart' not the mind]
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What you're talking about is Metempsychosis, a process of seperating the soul body from the body of flesh, which is clearly indicated in Genesis 32; where Jacob come's face to face with himself, and attribute's this process to God. The Egyptian's practised metempsychosis by the use of solar plexus nerve Tork Polling position's, and relating them to the constellation's. I have a picture of Any the Priest, 1250 BC, showing the Polling based on Orion, and another based on Draco. Each Tork position relate's to different active mechanism's within the mind, body, heart and soul, including the visual and audible sense's. Heart coherence has a lot to do with the right hemisphere and the solar plexus/ Sun Ray Collar, connective ability with the left hemisphere through the brain stem/ Aten!
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