Evidence for Bicamerality in Ancient India

Discussion of Julian Jaynes's third hypothesis - dating the development of consciousness to roughly 1500-1200 BCD in Egypt, Greece, and Mesopotamia (the transition occurred at different times in different places around the world). Includes analysis of ancient texts (such as the Iliad, the Odyssey, and the Bible), linguistics, and archeological evidence from ancient civilizations as it pertains to the transition from the bicameral mind to consciousness.
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Evidence for Bicamerality in Ancient India

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There isn't much talk about this subject. It seems its really the only cradle of civilization consistently left out of bicameral analysis. Jaynes briefly mentions that the evidence for transition from bicamerality to consciousness, as demonstrated in the Vedas and Upanishads respectively, is sharp; the written record is lacking. But their is very little else on the subject.

Does anyone have any knowledge in this area that they could share?
- Was statue worship prevalent? Perhaps washing/opening-of-the-mouth ceremony? Handheld figurines?
- Does Archaeology indicate that ancient towns in India were built in 'bicameral style,' spiraling out form a central god house?
- Is there any evidence of some sort of metaphorical stepping stone (like omens in Mesopotamia and the preconscious hypostases in Greece)? Did they practice divination?
- What could be the relationship between Soma, the holy intoxicant of the Vedas, hallucinations, and bicameral theory?
- What is the earliest written law code? Is it dictated by a god?
- How did they bury their dead? Were pyramid type tombs/temples built?
- Is there any indication of personal names attached to the names of a god, as in ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia?

These are just some of the questions I can quickly come up with. Hopefully someone can answer even some of them, or at least provide some insight.
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Re: Evidence for Bicamerality in Ancient India

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Jaynes touches on this a bit in his lecture "Consciousness the Voices of the Mind" - I think during the question and answer session (see Audio CDs). I will leave it at that for now except to say that Prof. Brian McVeigh will be discussing this issue in much greater depth in a forthcoming book to be published by the Julian Jaynes Society in 2010.
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