Washington Post Article on Hearing Voices (Jan. 15, 2007)

Discussion of Julian Jaynes's second hypothesis - the bicameral mind, specifically the subtopic of auditory hallucinations in the normal population.
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Washington Post Article on Hearing Voices (Jan. 15, 2007)

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Mind Games: New on the Internet: A community of people who believe the government is beaming voices into their minds. They may be crazy, but the Pentagon has pursued a weapon that can do just that.

I wrote a note to the author of this article to see if she were familiar with Jaynes. No reply as of yet, but what she reports strongly reminded me of bicamerality in the modern era. Anyone else?
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That was interesting, thank you. The lack of awareness (or "insight") of their illness is one of the most interesting aspects of schizophrenia, and seeing all of the different causes people attribute their auditory hallucinations to. Let us know if you hear back from the author.
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