Conciousness and Memetics

Discussion of Julian Jaynes's first hypothesis - that consciousness (as he carefully defines it) is based on language, and related topics.
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Conciousness and Memetics

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I see an interesting relationship between the research about memetics and the idea of the bicameral mind. In memetic theory the idea of an "I" is a kind of virus which infects the brain and controls his behavior. The question there is: Under which circumstances the "I" concept was developed and how does this idea infects the brains of people?

The thesis from JJ gives an answer: the concept of conciousness and the relating idea of a self and an "I" helps people to plan and take actions when their internal gods are silent.

By this, humans were not slaves to their voices anymore but slaves of their "I", which forces them to do anything for the survival of the "I".

Does anyone of you is thinking in this direction?

Holmes (from Germany)
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Re: Conciousness and Memetics

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