Jung's Work and Jaynes'

Discussion of Julian Jaynes's first hypothesis - that consciousness (as he carefully defines it) is based on language, and related topics.
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Jung's Work and Jaynes'

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It is stunning to look at Jaynes' and Jung's work through each other's lenses as well. The Right Brain becomes The Feminine, and the emergence of Jaynes' introspective consciousness in the last 3000 or so years becomes the Masculine declaring its independence from the Mother, to form what we could call The Patriarchy--a necessary exploration of individuality, sovereignty, intellectual operation, in revolt against the hive-consciousness of the cultures built around The Great Mother (Sumer being the last great one in the Old World), where a human individual identified ONLY as his/her function/position in Her service; where only specially-initiated individuals--originally initiated only by priestesses of The Goddess--had access to intellectual knowledge (animal and plant husbandry, astronomy, geometry, number, writing, preparation of psychotropic concoctions such as alcohol and other hallucinogens, and especially the connection between intercourse, conception and birth--the "Women's Mysteries").

And now that The Patriarchy is dissolving (and ironically but not surprisingly we are becoming conscious of THAT), it looks to me as if we are about to experience another evolutionary leap (or self-destruct as a species in our failure to do so). In "Jungian" terms, we are about to re-unite the Patriarchy (Left Brain) with the Matriarchy (mostly suppressed and masked Right Brain), to produce something new. Our "globalization" activities--the internet, the emerging awareness of climate change as a global, species-wide problem, the mounting irreconcilabilities of individual vs. collective wellbeing in all their medical, spiritual, cultural, political and ecological forms--even our recent preference for dual processors in computers! all point to this, when human evolution is viewed from a "Jungian" point of view AND a "Jaynesian" one simultaneously. In other words, the Left Brain will need to see itself as good governments are supposed to operate--as knowlegable SERVANTS, not as ignorant, repressive "gods". In yet other words, we are about to redefine what "gods" are and then BECOME GOOD ones...taming the "animal" parts of ourselves through knowledge and compassion, rather than through fear and suppression.

Re: JUNG'S work and Jaynes'

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The start of such things is taking place in the zeitgeist movement(thezeitgeistmovement.com) forum as we speak. Like you have said the left is revealing itself, more so here on the internet than down my local shopping mall.
The zeitgeist movies are being veiwed as something of a conspirecy theory but its underlying theme is what you speak of, it's a look at the collective consciousness evolving, where the servents will end up being technology. Lets hope we choose the right technology, weapons and money will produce ignorant and repressive gods where a resource base economy will create a knowledgeable and compassinate gods.
The big leap will begin with the understanding of what consciousness is not. Eckhart Tolle does help those uninitiated, although this may not be the case because i am veiwing it as someone who has read 'the origin'....
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