Hydrodynamic Time and Learned Ignorance

Discussion of Julian Jaynes's first hypothesis - that consciousness (as he carefully defines it) is based on language, and related topics.
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Hydrodynamic Time and Learned Ignorance

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I wrote professor Jaynes when I was in prison because the content of his book had everything to do with why I was there. His replies were positive, and he encouraged me to continue. I have gone a long way since then. What do you think?

Instead of observing the universe as parts created out of thin air which are governed by the laws of quantum mechanics because there is no causality, why not start with the whole by creating the unseen causality, then parts fit together by cause and effect to draw the big picture? Then we break the laws of quantum mechanics to create a better future.

A Unified Field Theory is two fields that come together as cause of everything, and there is nothing in the universe except two fields and motion. Beginning with a fluid mass of particles with space between them, then give it a motion which causes a spin as an oar through water. One part with mass goes out and the other in by centrifugal force, and aether seperates into two parts bound by mutual attraction, but governed by orbital momentum that decays over time causing the exchange of particles. Plasma from the pole of a black hole is unified with the momentum by a spin in the magnetic field, and the action is an electron that binds the proton in a vortex filament, where the axis of action is least action, and a curved line connects the holograms with the quickest time in a noosphere.

By visualising geometry of the whole, the black hole breaks down into clusters of galaxies, galaxies, solar systems, and atoms... and it accounts for the particle wave theory theory of light, special and general relativity, quantum mechanics, and the forces of nature. From this I predicted the Sun has a hole in it, the Earth is hollow, the two are connected by the least action, and the quickest time is a Stargate. Then there seems to be causality for polarised fusion and zero point energy to solve our problems, as well as natural and man made vortex filaments for travel and exploring the universe.

The universe is a noosphere made up of holograms, and everything is created by two fields that come together in a process of entropy. What you see is electrodynamic, and the effect is caused by the unseen hydrodynamic force. Space and time united by the velocity of light is the sense perception of electrodynamics, which is caused by the unseen hydrodynamic force, where the universe in motion is unified with the topological spin by the quickest time. Then causality is outside the domain of sense perception.

The observer is a hologram observing the holographic universe through two slits, and the Bicameral Mind connects two axis with the opposite electrical charge via the anterior commissure. The verbal left brain sees the light with the sense perception of electrodynamics, where space and time united by the velocity of light is governed by the laws of quantum mechanics because there is no causality. The God function is a signal from the right brain with an independent and autonomous information content, because the holofractic awareness with hydrodynamic causality is outside the sense perception of electrodynamics.

God gives man knowledge to crew a future with position and momentum, and the ego is a bound state that codes information with electrodynamic sense perception, where learned ignorance is a verbal left brain that gives God the information, to exclude the possibility of knowledge outside the sense perception that created the universe with one axis...the subjective ego. Then learned ignorance is a practice that causes all the problems of society, because the objective physical universe is a Zombie on the other side of the head, which is remotely controlled by the a priori assumptions of learned ignorance.

The good people say they Believe in God and have faith in Jesus, and this is what they are doing according to their electrodynamic sense perception. But according to learned ignorance, God is a disease of the mind, and anybody that tells them the truth is a paranoid schizophrenic, because hydrodynamic objectivity is outside the causality of their subjective ego. If you tell them the truth it doesn't make sense to them, and they can prove you are delusional if you try to prove it because they can't see the truth with their own eyes... then when they give you the treatment, God is a mad man because the act of observing changes the thing itself, which proves they got it right. What they Believe is subjective, and the objective physical universe is the Zombie that persecutes their soul to save their ego.

Assuming there was a historical Jesus Christ, the Devil gave us a dead Savior so he could put words in his mouth, then made his mother a virgin so He couldn't return... and the good people learned ignorance. Hydrodynamic time is The Ark of The Covenant, and learned ignorance is Bovine Spongeform Encephalopathy.
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