Animal Consciousness

Discussion of Julian Jaynes's first hypothesis - that consciousness (as he carefully defines it) is based on language, and related topics.
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Animal Consciousness

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There is a nice article in aeon. ... ciousness/

Maybe someone can vote my comment up. 8)

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Re: Animal Consciousness

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Thanks for posting this and for getting Jaynes into the discussion. Commenting on articles like this is a great way to expose new people to Jaynes's theory. I've voted up your comment!
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Re: Animal Consciousness

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I did actually read it a couple of days after its publication and I quite enjoyed it. Animal consciousness is obviously strictly related to human consciousness (it could be somehow the same thing). I'm doing some kind of research about Jaynes' theory at the moment and exploring this amazing new world for me.

Concerning the topic, I was observing a fly a few days ago that got into my apartment from a small opening in the window and spent the following 45 minutes trying to get out. For 45 minutes the fly kept bumping against the glass of the window trying to get out, apparently not remembering how he/she got in in the first place. I then started to wonder if flies have consciousness or at least a kind of memory where they store information important for their lives. For us, when we enter a new environment, it is more or less easy to remember where the entrance is, but apparently it is quite difficult for a fly.
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