A Coherent Narrative of A Schizophrenic Episode

Discussion of Julian Jaynes's second hypothesis - the bicameral mind, specifically the subtopic of schizophrenia and schizophrenia as a vestige of the bicameral mind.
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A Coherent Narrative of A Schizophrenic Episode

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I suffered a schizophrenic episode once. I wrote up my experience as best I could, and people have told me it is extremely well written. The names have been changed to protect the innocent. I provide it here for your education.

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Interestingly, before reading Jayne's book, I had thought of the left-brain right-brain split as the source of these problems. I had never been very artistic or spiritual or emotional until I had these experiences. It is as though my right brain suddenly connected to my left, and all of a sudden I felt things I had never felt before. A few years prior to the incident (around age 30), I looked at the sky and noticed how beautiful it was. That was the first time I was ever struck by the beauty of an inanimate object (women, I noticed earlier). Within a five years, I fell ill.

Oddly enough, I was left handed when I was young because my mother handed me things with her right hand. But she noticed this and changed, so now I eat with my left hand but write with my right hand. When I was in college, I took so-called "smart drugs" such as piracetam and hydergine. The purpose of the former was to enhance left-brain right-brain communication. Perhaps these contributed to my problems.

Please be very kind to schizophrenics. You have no idea what they go through, and how terrible it can be. One person described it as "a constant state of mental rape". Some of them are very intelligent; I was a member of Mensa. But being smart doesn't mean you can get perspective on the illness; it is hard to argue with a voice that knows your innermost thoughts and fears and manipulates you through guilt and shame.
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Re: A Coherent Narrative of A Schizophrenic Episode

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Hi Spiritus, have you ever considered that the manipulation you speak of is actually triggered by some other people and organisations - i.e. church groups, relatives and friends with their own agenda? In order to control you for their own purposes, they must first make you feel guilty. For what? None of us is perfect, we all make mistakes and it is often the most moral person who feels the most shame. You have a right to live your life as you would like to, as long as you do not actively hurt another. Open your ears and eyes and recognise the triggers some people use to get what they want from you. When you start to recognise how this is done, you will be well on the way to "recovery" from the suggestions of what other people would like you to do with YOUR life, which come from your subconscious AFTER THE SEED IS PLANTED! Wishing you future good health.....Truthsearch
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