FRONTLINE: The Released [online video on schizophrenia]

Discussion of Julian Jaynes's second hypothesis - the bicameral mind, specifically the subtopic of schizophrenia and schizophrenia as a vestige of the bicameral mind.
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FRONTLINE: The Released [online video on schizophrenia]

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Some of you interested in schizophrenia might enjoy this new documentary:

FRONTLINE: The Released

This documentary can be viewed as supplementary material for Jaynes's chapter "Verbal Hallucinations and Preconscious Mentality" in Reflections on the Dawn of Consciousness.

"Five years ago, FRONTLINE's groundbreaking film, The New Asylums, went deep inside the Ohio prison system as it struggled to provide care to thousands of mentally ill inmates. This year, FRONTLINE filmmakers Karen O'Connor and Miri Navasky return to Ohio to tell the next chapter in this disturbing story: what happens to mentally ill offenders when they leave prison. The Released is an intimate look at the lives of the seriously mentally ill as they struggle to remain free."
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