Inner Voice

Discussion of Julian Jaynes's second hypothesis - that before the development of consciousness, humans operated under a previous mentality called the bicameral mind.
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Inner Voice

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I'm trying to find out if any neuro-imaging scans have been performed on people talking to themselves silently. The problem with search queries is what words to use for 'talking to themselves quietly'
Does anyone know whether talking silently and aloud use similar areas of the brain, or perhaps if talking silently shows an increase in right-hemisphere activity?
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Re: Inner Voice

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There are a number of imaging studies on inner speech. If you go to Google scholar and search keywords such as 'inner speech fmri' or 'brain areas implicated in inner speech' you will get quite a few relevant results.

Some studies show activation in the left prefrontal cortex. In others, the same speech/language areas when speaking aloud seem to be involved.
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