Introduction by Marcel Kuijsten

PART I: Biography

1. Julian Jaynes: 1920-1997
2. Humility as a Profession: A Memorial to Julian Jaynes
3. Julian Jaynes: Portrait of the Psychologist as a Maverick Theorizer

PART II: Articles & Lectures

4. The Routes of Science
5. Edwin Garrigues Boring: 1886-1968
6. The Study of the History of Psychology
7. The Problem of Animate Motion in the Seventeenth Century
8. The Origin of Consciousness
9. The Evolution of Language in the Late Pleistocene
10. In A Manner of Speaking
11. Paleolithic Cave Paintings as Eidetic Images
12. Remembrance of Things (Far) Past
13. Art and the Right Hemisphere
14. Imagination and the Dance of the Self
15. Representations as Metaphiers
16. A Two-Tiered Theory of Emotions: Affect and Feeling
17. Four Hypotheses on the Origin of Mind
18. Sensory Pain and Conscious Pain
19. Consciousness and the Voices of the Mind
20. The Dream of Agamemnon
21. Hearing Voices and the Bicameral Mind

PART III: Interviews

22. The Lost Voices of the Gods
23. Alone in the Country of the Mind
24. Princeton University Interview
25. Psychologist Concentrates on How We Think
26. Portland Radio Interview
27. Baltimore Radio Interview - New 30-page Interview for Softcover and Kindle Editions!
28. Prying Open the Barrel of Snakes
29. Library of Science Interview

PART IV: Discussion

30. Consciousness and the Voices of the Mind: Yellow Springs Institute Discussion
31. Consciousness and the Voices of the Mind: Tufts University Discussion
32. Consciousness and the Voices of the Mind: University of New Hampshire Discussion
33. Consciousness and the Voices of the Mind: McMaster-Bauer Symposium Discussion
34. McMaster-Bauer Symposium: Response to Discussants
35. McMaster-Bauer Symposium: Panel Discussion
36. McMaster-Bauer Symposium: Open Discussion
37. The Consequences of Consciousness: Emory University Discussion
38. The Consequences of Consciousness: Harvard University Discussion