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Books Related to Jaynes's Bicameral Mind Theory

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Ancient Civilizations

Books in this section are related to Book I, Chapter 6, "The Origin of Civilization," Book II, Chapter 1, "Gods, Graves, and Idols," Book II, Chapter 2, "Literate Bicameral Theocracies," and Book II, Chapter 4, "A Change of Mind in Mesopotamia," The Origin of Consciousness and the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind.

Proverbs of Ancient Sumer: The World's Earliest Proverb Collections
Bendt Alster, CDL Press, 1990.

Environment and Archaelogy: An Introduction to Pleistocene Geography
Karl W. Butzer, Chicago: Aldine Press, 1964.
Cited by Jaynes on pgs. 131, 138, 144.

New Light on the Most Ancient East
V. Gordon Childe, London: Routledge and Kegan Paul, 1954.
Cited by Jaynes on pg. 138.

Kingship and the Gods

Kingship and the Gods: A Study of Ancient Near Eastern Religion as the Integration of Society and Nature
Henri Frankfort, University of Chicago Press, 1978.
Cited by Jaynes.

Catalogue of the Egyptian Hieroglyphic Printing Type
Alan H. Gardiner, 1977.
Cited by Jaynes on pg. 191.

The Ancient Near East: A History
William W. Hallo and William K. Simpson, New York: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1971.
Cited by Jaynes on pg. 186.

Remembering Osiris

Remembering Osiris: Number, Gender, and the Word in Ancient Egyptian Representational Systems
Tom Hare, Stanford: Stanford University Press, 1999.

Conquest of the Incas

Conquest of the Incas
John Hemming and K.C. Jordan, New York: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich Publishers, 1973.
Cited by Jaynes on pg. 160.

Letters and Inscriptions of Hammurabi

Letters and Inscriptions of Hammurabi
L.W. King, London: Luzac, 1900.
Cited by Jaynes on pg. 248.

Egyptian Religion

Egyptian Religion
Siegfried Morenz, Cornell University Press, 1992.
Relevant chapters on "divine commandments" and the opening of the mouth ritual in ancient Egypt.

Ancient Mesopotamia

Ancient Mesopotamia: Portrait of a Dead Civilization
A. Leo. Oppenheim, University of Chicago Press, 1977.
Contains relevant sections on topics such as "the care and feeding of the gods," "Mesopotamian psychology," and divination.

State Letters of Assyria
Robert H. Pfeiffer, New Haven: American Oriental Society, 1935.

The Greatness That Was Babylon: A Survey of the Ancient Civilization of the Tigris-Euphrates Valley
H.W.F. Saggs, St. Martins Press, 1991.
Cited by Jaynes on pgs. 166, 178, 184, 195, 209, 214, 230, 233, 238, 251.

Religion in Ancient Egypt

Religion in Ancient Egypt: Gods, Myths, and Personal Practice
Byron E. Shafer (Ed.), Cornell University Press, 1991.
General information on Egyptian religion.

Maya History and Religion

Maya History and Religion (Civilization of the American Indian)
J. Eric S. Thompson, Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, 1990.
Cited by Jaynes on pgs. 156, 173.

Discovering the Royal Tombs at Ur
Sir Charles Leonard Woolley, 1969.
Cited by Jaynes on pg. 161, 164, 196.

Buildings of the Third Dynasty
Sir Charles Leonard Woolley, 1974.