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Supporting Evidence: New Research
Supporting Jaynes' Bicameral Mind Theory

The Supporting Evidence section contains articles that offer new supporting evidence for Julian Jaynes's theory but do not reference the theory. See also the Directly Related Articles and Indirectly Related Articles sections.

1. Ancient Texts: Studies of the Iliad, the Odyssey, and the Bible

2. Auditory Hallucinations in Normal Adults

3. Hallucinations in Children (Imaginary Companions)

4. Command Hallucinations: A Vestige of the Bicameral Mind

5. Dual Brain/Double Brain Theory & The Bicameral Mind

6. Jaynes's Neurological Model: Neuroimaging of Auditory Hallucinations

7. Vestiges of Bicameralism in Pre-Literate Societies

8. Right Hemisphere Language Comprehension & Related Topics

9. Neurotheology / Religion and the Right Hemisphere