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Psychologist Concentrates on How We Think (Interview with Julian Jaynes)

Beth Macklin
Tulsa World, October 7, 1980.
Reprinted in Marcel Kuijsten (ed.), The Julian Jaynes Collection (Julian Jaynes Society, 2012).


... Jaynes believes his research will prove helpful in dealing with schizophrenics, "because that's what schizophrenia is: people hearing voices that tell them what to do, and it's the wrong thing. It would even prove helpful in dealing with 'normal' human beings, because we all have this pull within us between wanting to be our own person and wanting a voice - not of authority, but of authorization; someone to make the rules for us, whether it's an army officer or the church. That's how people fall prey to a Jim Jones (leader of the Guyana suicide group) or an Ayatollah Khomeini. ...