Julian Jaynes Society Conference Lectures

Julian Jaynes Society Conference on Consciousness and Bicameral Studies

Lectures on Julian Jaynes’s theory of the origin of consciousness and the bicameral mind from the Julian Jaynes Society Conference on Consciousness and Bicameral Studies in Charleston, West Virginia. The lectures have been organized by their relationship to each of Julian Jaynes’s four hypotheses.

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Hypothesis One: Consciousness Based On Language (and related themes)

Roy Baumeister
“The Why, What, and How of Human Consciousness”
Gregory Conrow
“An Encounter of Jaynes and Derrida: Consciousness, Divine Voice & Writing”
Ralf Funke
“The Dangerous Metaphor:
Wittgenstein and Jaynes and the Rise of Neobehaviorism”
Martin Kommor
“The Role of Self-Reflection in the Development of Psychiatric Residents”
Eric Alexander La Freniere
“A Bicameral Semiotic: The Linguistic Sign as Image-Word Dyad”
Martin Lenhardt
“Expansion of Julian Jaynes’ Wahee-Wahoo Hypothesis for Speech/Language Evolution”
Malcolm David Lowe
“How Languages Create Mind Space and the ‘Analog I’ “
Ted Remington
“Julian Jaynes, Metaphor, and the Rhetorical Structuring of Consciousness”
Bill Rowe
“The Other Origin of Consciousness:
Infancy and its Relationship to Julian Jaynes’ Theory”
Jan Sleutels
“The Contingency of Mind:
Situating Jaynes in the Changing Landscape of Contemporary Philosophy of Mind”
Gary Williams
“Consciousness Behind Closed Doors:
Julian Jaynes and the Refrigerator Light Problem”

Hypothesis Two: The Bicameral Mind

Terryl Atkins
“Picturing Thinking: Externalization of the Images of Mind in a Darkened Space”
Elisabeth Bell Carroll
“A Vestige of the Bicameral Mind in the Modern World”
Dirk Corstens
“The Origins of Voices:
Life History and Voices & Lessons for Recovery”
John Hainly
“A Missing Piece of the Puzzle:
Julian Jaynes and the Psychology of Religion”
Marcel Kuijsten
“The Gods of Mesopotamia and the Presentist Fallacy”
Clay McNearney
“Robert Bellah and Julian Jaynes: An Imagined Conversation”
Carole Brooks Platt
“The Right Mind of the Poet”
[Inspired Poetry and Jaynes’ Bicameral Mind Theory]
Andrew Stehlik
“Polytheism, Monotheism and Beyond”
[with Application to Julian Jaynes’s Theory]

Hypothesis Three: Dating the Development of Consciousness

Rabbi James Cohn
“A Jaynesian Philology:
The Bible as a Written Record of the Dawn of Consciousness”