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“… A marvel of collective scholarship across multiple disciplines. … In this book, you will hear the voices of the most open-minded scholars of our generation.”
WILLIAM R. WOODWARD, Professor of Psychology, The University of New Hampshire

“Much psychological science … points to the possibility that [Jaynes] was right. … This volume… bring[s] Jaynes’s brilliance to the attention and appreciation of the contemporary public.”
MARTIN SELIGMAN, Professor of Psychology, University of Pennsylvania, and author of The Hope Circuit

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Discover the story of Julian Jaynes’s fascinating theory of the origin of consciousness, a previous mentality called the bicameral mind, and all of the wide-ranging modern-day implications.

In the words of psychologist and author James E. Morriss, Jaynes’s theory “… could alter our view of consciousness, revise our conception of the history of mankind, and lay bare the human dilemma in all its existential wonder.” Learn more >

“The most important theorizing since The Origin of Species.” – Don Wooten (NPR)

“Julian Jaynes is a scholar in the broad original sense of that term. A man of huge creative vitality, Julian Jaynes is my academic man for all seasons.” — Hubert Dolezal, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology Northeastern Illinois University, in David Krech (ed.) The MacLeod Symposium