Q&A on Julian Jaynes’s Theory

Question and answer sessions on Julian Jaynes’s theory of the origin of consciousness and the bicameral mind.

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Introduction to Q&A and Discussion Session on Julian Jaynes’s Bicameral Mind Theory
with Marcel Kuijsten, Brian J. McVeigh, and John Hainly.
May 1, 2021

Topics discussed in the full video:
“Is the concept of emergent evolution relevant to Julian Jaynes’s theory?
“Is the theory of panpsychism compatible with Julian Jaynes’s theory?”
“Therapy, hypnosis and Julian Jaynes’s theory.”
“Are there studies in child development that support or refute Julian Jaynes’s theory?”
“What would it take for Julian Jaynes’s theory to go mainstream or to be more broadly recognized?”
“Where is consciousness going from here, and can we make practical use of Julian Jaynes’s theory?”
“Are there new developments in neuroscience or anthropology that support Jaynes’s theory?”
and much more.