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The Routes of Science

Julian Jaynes
American Scientist, 1966, 54, 1, pgs. 94-102.
Reprinted in Marcel Kuijsten (ed.), The Julian Jaynes Collection (Julian Jaynes Society, 2012).


I write this in scorn of the unity of science. My impulse is a disturbed feeling that, as science folds back on itself and comes to be scientifically studied, it is being caricatured into a conformity which is nonsense, into a neglect of its variety which is psychotic, into a nagging and insistent attention to its cross-discipline similarities which are of trivial importance. And having just returned from a fortnight walking tour of a varity of countryside, reading at evening some volumes in the history of science, I want to venture an extravagant metaphor which brings out the differences as I see them between the two extremes of the scientific continuum.