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Julian Jaynes Society Spring 2024 Newsletter


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Julian Jaynes Society Spring 2024 Newsletter
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Julian Jaynes Society

Spring 2024

Dear Members and Friends of the Julian Jaynes Society,

We have a number of exciting new developments to share with you since our last update:

  • We’ve published the revised second edition of Reflections on the Dawn of Consciousness;
  • We’ve launched “Consciousness and the Bicameral Mind,” the new Julian Jaynes Society podcast;
  • Read “Incipient, Precomplex, Complex, and Latent Bicameral Mentality,” the latest blog post by Brian J. McVeigh;
  • See the latest upcoming Jaynes-related events;
  • Watch a Q&A session with Brian McVeigh on The Psychology of Ancient Egypt.

Just released!
The revised second edition of
Reflections on the Dawn of Consciousness

Reflections on the Dawn of Consciousness

Read the book that reignited interest in Julian Jaynes’s theory worldwide, from Julian Jaynes Society Executive Director Marcel Kuijsten, now in the revised second edition. Available wherever books are sold!

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New JJS Podcast

Consciousness and the Bicameral Mind: The Julian Jaynes Society Podcast

Listen to Consciousness and the Bicameral Mind: The Julian Jaynes Society Podcast, where each week we explore Julian Jaynes’s theory of the origin of consciousness and the bicameral mind.

Subscribe to the podcast on Amazon Music, Apple Podcasts, Audible, Pocket Casts, Spotify, or YouTube Music so you never miss an episode. Please leave a positive review, which will help others to discover it.

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New from the JJS Blog

Incipient, Precomplex, Complex, and Latent Bicameral Mentality
Incipient, Precomplex, Complex, and Latent Bicameral Mentality: Discontinuities and Continuities in Human Mentality
by Brian J. McVeigh

“What was very early prebicameral and bicameral mentality like? With what we now know about the breakdown of bipartite mentality and the transition to consciousness three millennia ago we can expand on some key issues. Jaynes only devoted a very brief account of the precursor to full-blown bicameral mentality, but we can at least hypothesize about what it was like. …” Read more

JJS Blog

Upcoming Events

For those attending the Science of Consciousness conference this April in Tucson, Arizona, be sure to watch Steven Wingate, Professor of English and Interdisciplinary Studies at South Dakota State University, present “Implications of Julian Jaynes’s Consciousness Theory for the Origins of Musical Expression” on Wednesday, April 24th, 2024.

For those attending the conference, we also recommend the lecture by Tanya Luhrmann, Professor of Anthropology at Stanford University, during the plenary session, “Consciousness in Religion and Altered States.” This will also be held on Wednesday April 24, from 2pm to 4:10pm.

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New for JJS Supporters

Watch the 75-minute Q&A session with Brian McVeigh on his latest book, The Psychology of Ancient Egypt:

Brian J. McVeigh - The Psychology of Ancient Egypt

Also, read a 9-page interview with Marcel Kuijsten on Jaynes’s theory and watch Part 1 of the Jaynes Workshop presented at the Toward A Science of Consciousness Conference.

If you haven’t logged in recently, be sure to check out the many new Julian Jaynes lectures and interviews we’ve added this year.

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Coming soon:
• Rare video of Julian Jaynes presenting his theory to a sold-out audience in the theater at Kalamazoo College in Michigan, and
• “Consciousness, Neuroimaging, and the Bicameral Mind,” my wide-ranging interview on Jaynes’s theory with neuroscientist and JJS Board Member Dr. Clive Svendsen.


Marcel Kuijsten,
Executive Director

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Marcel Kuijsten

Marcel Kuijsten is the Founder and Executive Director of the Julian Jaynes Society.

Marcel Kuijsten

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