A Schizophrenic Woman Who Heard Voices of the Gods

Russell T. Hurlburt, Sampling Normal and Schizophrenic Inner Experience (Plenum Press, 1990).
Reprinted in Marcel Kuijsten (ed.), Gods, Voices, and the Bicameral Mind: The Theories of Julian Jaynes (Julian Jaynes Society, 2016).

Abstract: Sally Cremer was 31 years old at the time of sampling. The sampling experience had been suggested to her by her psychiatrist, whom she had been seeing regularly for two and a half years. She had been diagnosed as schizophrenic four years earlier, primarily due to the fact that she frequently heard voices. The voices did occur frequently during sampling, but there were no other overt linguistic characteristics of schizophrenia (no pressure of speech, no flight of ideas, etc.) during our conversations. She was a native Dutch speaker but, as her English was fluent, the sampling conversations were carried out entirely in English.