Faith: The Fifth Psychological Need?

Brent G. Dennis, Journal for Reality Therapy, 1989, 8, 2, 39-56.

Abstract: Argues that new discoveries in brain science suggest that faith may be another basic human need in addition to the needs of belonging, power, fun, and freedom suggested by W. Glasser (1986). The author briefly discusses brain structure and some major events in brain science, including the study of a weakened frontal-limbic connection in a 25-year old man; the frontal lobe surgery of A. Moniz; the split-brain discoveries of R. Sperry; and the brain stimulation discoveries of W. Penfield. In discussing the modular organization theory of M. S. Gazzaniga (1988) and the bicameral mind theory of J. Jaynes (1977), the author suggests that brain structure and physiology may contribute to the existence of spiritual beliefs.