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Julian Jaynes Society September/October 2021 Newsletter


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Julian Jaynes Society September/October 2021 Newsletter
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Julian Jaynes Society

September/October 2021

Dear Members and Friends of the Julian Jaynes Society,

Here is the latest news from the Julian Jaynes Society, as we work to put the finishing touches on our latest book Conversations on Consciousness and the Bicameral Mind:

• Read the latest post from Brian McVeigh: “Disentangling Inner Speech, Self-dialogue, and Auditory Hallucinations”;

• Watch the latest lecture previews on YouTube;

• New for Members: Listen to a new lecture, “The Origin of Consciousness,” by Julian Jaynes; watch Carole Brooks Platt’s lecture, “The Right Mind of the Poet” and Martin Kommor’s lecture, “The Role of Self-Reflection (and Reflective Supervision) in the Development of Psychiatric Residents,” read new related articles, and much more.


Marcel Kuijsten,
Executive Director

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New From the JJS Blog

How are inner speech, self-dialogue, auditory imagery, and hallucinations related? And what exactly are hallucinations? Some have suggested that hallucinations are caused by a monitoring defect in inner speech … Such a claim, however, ignores the overwhelming evidence concerning hallucinations before about 1000 BCE. Any theoretical linkage must take into account one crucial datum: hallucinations were central to normal sociopsychological functioning. The ubiquity and important role of hallucinations in the ancient world as a mechanism for social control (until about the first millennium BCE). … Read more >

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Plus new articles and dissertations supporting Jaynes’s theory, a new lecture on the philosophical implications of the split-brain experiments, an interview on neuroimaging auditory hallucinations, new conference lectures, and much more.

Coming next month: A new interview with Julian Jaynes.

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Marcel Kuijsten

Marcel Kuijsten is the Founder and Executive Director of the Julian Jaynes Society.

Marcel Kuijsten

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