Can fMRI-guidance Improve the Efficacy of rTMS Treatment for Auditory Verbal Hallucinations?

I.E.C. Sommer, C.W. Slotema, A.D. de Weijer, J. Blom, K. Daalman, S. Neggers, M. Somers, H. Hoek, A. Aleman, and R. Kahn, Schizophrenia Research, 2007, 93, 1, 406–8.

Abstract: The majority of schizophrenia patients showed prominent activity in the right-sided homologues of the classical language areas during AVH [auditory verbal hallucinations] (i.e. in the right inferior frontal gyrus, right superior temporal gyrus and supramarginal gyrus), while normal language is generally produced in the left hemisphere in right-handed subjects.