Dr. A.M. – A Rare Case of a Modern Mystic? Implications for Psychology and Medicine

Enrico Facco, Daniela Lucangeli, and Patrizio E. Tressoldi, University of Padova, Italy, March 28, 2016.

Abstract: In this article we report some excerpts from the writings of Dr A.M., a healthy adult female, in relation to the knowledge she acquired during the regular mystical experiences she has been having since April 2014.

This case is exceptional for multiple reasons. First, she experienced this particular state of consciousness without any associated medical or neurological illnesses. Second, these experiences did not harm her professional or personal life; rather, they had a positive impact on her life. Third, the knowledge she has been acquiring encompasses philosophical, religious and historical relevant aspects, the content of which extend far beyond her personal cultural and scientific knowledge.

This rare case of a modern mystic challenges our traditional cultural and scientific ideas about the relationship between ordinary human mind activity and spirituality, and between our inner and outer worlds.